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Our vision

To provide an inspiring Early Years childcare provision within a home based environment, whilst instilling resilience, curiosity to explore, confidence and excellent social and communication skills in the children, in preparation for school.


We believe that children should be active learners within our setting, where the environment, resources, opportunities and interactions with each other and our practisioners facilitate and enable our children to achieve this.  Our children are provided with a warm and cosy learning environment encouraging them to feel comfortable and confident to explore and share ideas.   Our resources are a mix of traditional toys, loose parts and authentic, 'real' items which enable the children to use their imaginations, be innovative, experiment, discover and link concepts, developing essential skills for the future that technology cannot replace.

To give children the optimum learning experiences it is essential that we use their current interests and follow their lines of enquiry by planning ‘in the moment.’  We achieve this through our continuous provision and carefully considered invitations to play as play is crucial to childrens development.

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